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At, your real estate investing success is our mission. To fulfill this mission, Super Smart teams up with many of our expert friends and custoemrs to offer you a regular series of FREE Webinar Training to help keep you motivated and informed of the latest cutting-edge real estate investor technology, training and techniques that we use to run our real estate investing businesses. To participate in our free online training, register for our Live Webinar Series or review any of our previously recorded podcasts below 24/7. To your success! Audio & Video Training Series
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Super Smart Excelerate Your Wealth Webinar Series Posted Mar 23, 2010
Kathy Kennebrook
Speaker Bio
Stefan Kasian
Speaker Bio
Turbo-Charge Your Buying Machine & Automate Your Business
with Kathy Kennebrook and Stefan Kasian

On this special webinar, Kathy Kennebrook, the Marketing Magic Lady, is going to cover some amazing strategies to help you crank up your buying machine and automatically schedule and manage all of the direct mail campaigns she uses to find highly qualified motivated sellers and buyers for her properties. She is also going to talk about how she gets her sellers to provide her with all of the information she needs before she ever contacts them. She is even going to show you how to never miss a potential deal by staying on track with your follow up with these prospective sellers. Plus... She is going to show you how to create and manage your buyers list so you can run your real estate investing business on auto-pilot. She is going to explain how you can put deals together and profit quickly by keeping a ready list of wholesale and retail buyers just waiting to give you their money! This one nugget of information alone is worth your time to participate in this life changing call.

Click here to order Kathy's Marketing Magic System
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Here is your invitation to join me, Stefan Kasian for the replay of the March Webinar I hosted with my good friend Kathy Kennebrook. Her topic is Turbo Charging Your Buying Machine, Your Income Streams, and Running Your Real Estate Investing Business on Auto-pilot.

This is going to be an incredible session where Kathy is going to share all of her insider secrets of the ins and outs of buying and selling houses quickly no matter what your real estate market is doing.

You're going to learn how Kathy generates a seven figure income using her unique direct mail strategies to locate qualified motivated sellers and buyers, then how she automates the follow up, and the buying process.

And... she's going to teach you how to do the same thing in your pajamas without licking a single stamp. She is also going to teach you how you can automate the offer making and follow up process with these motivated sellers without ever leaving your desk. You are going to learn:

  • How to carve a unique niche market for yourself that other investors simply don't know about.
  • How to create a flexible marketing plan so you can make boatloads of money in your real estate business no matter what your market is doing.
  • How to implement a dummy proof, affordable and efficient “cookie cutter” system that will have motivated sellers practically begging you to take their properties off their hands.
  • How to automate your systems including the offer making process and selling your properties quickly. This one nugget alone can save you hundreds of hours and earn you thousands of dollars each year.
  • How to turn small marketing dollars into BIG profits with minimal effort and HUGE results!

You can't afford to miss this incredible training. Join us for this exclusive call I have put together for my students to give you the edge your financial future depends on.

Kathy Kennebrook is the best there is at creating a marketing machine for your real estate business and providing the tools you need to follow up with sellers and buyers to get your properties bought and sold quickly.

Your friend and guide to prosperity,
Dr. Stefan Kasian

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